Dealu Mare Under the Hashtag #winelover

Scris la 12 decembrie 2018 in Povesti despre vin | Niciun comentariu

—-“Scrie pe” povești trăite de oameni care iubesc vinul. Astăzi o avem invitată pe Agnes Mattis-Teutsch. Iubitoare de vinuri și gastronomie, artist vizual, traducător autorizat engleza, germana, maghiara din Sibiu. Pasionata de călătorii, de autentic și natural. Colaborator al revistei asigurand din 2018 traducerea in engleza a intregului continut.
—-The second half of November marked the official appearance of the Winelover Romania Association (WLR), founded by Răzvan Stoenescu, Radu Rizescu, Mihai Mătieș and Silvia Palașcă, and brought together a group of international wine enthusiasts, members of the Winelover movement, for a visit to the Dealu Mare Region and the wine fair Good Wine in Bucharest.
—-Dealu Mare Wine Region accent was put on the discovery of indigenous varieties and wine cellars. Kelaru Winery, 1000 de Chipuri, Lacerta, SERVE, Davino, Licorna Winehouse, Budureasca, Apogeum and Aurelia Vişinescu had the pleasure to present their wines during the visit of Romanian and foreign wine lovers. I joined the group (Luiz Alberto, Nanci Bergamo, Sharon Parsons and Gian Luca Garattoni) on the second day of the tour, and I had the opportunity to taste great wines from Licorna, Budureasca, Apogeum and Aurelia Vişinescu. One evening we`ve spent with a live show and popular music at Ferma Dacilor, a traditional restaurant in Tohani, where we`ve been spoiled with meatballs, pork cracklings, traditional cheeses, caramelized pork ribs, game meat sausages and many others.
After the visit to Dealu Mare, the group of winelovers visited two wine bars in Bucharest (Industry Winebar and Corks) who joined the WLR Association and adopted its initiative to set up a „Romanian indigenous variety kit”, and also the Good Wine Autumn Fair, where they could taste plenty of Romanian wines.
Dealu Mare wine tour has fully secure with the motorized support of Nissan Romania. and VINARUM.
—-The visit in Romania ended, as usual, with a Bring Your Own Bottle Party (where everybody brings his own wine bottle in order to challenge the tastes) at the Pullman Hotel Brasserie. Here, the founder of the international #Winelover movement, Luiz Alberto, held a masterclass in which he presented „7 wines with personality” from Dealu Mare, chosen during the visits to the region Dealu Mare. Also here, the Association Winelover Romania (WLR) has been launched, and afterwards, author Marinela Vasilica Ardelean presented the third edition of the Romanian Wine Book, and the publisher Cezar Ioan – Vinul.Ro announced that the first bilingual book #Winelovers’ Guide Into Romanian Treasures will soon appear. This book contains wine recommendations from bloggers and profile as the authors of the recommendations, the book being illustrated by the graphic designer Bogdan Anghel. On the occasion of the meeting at Pullman hotel, Lilian Tomescu, has been confirmed as Winelover Ambassador for the Republic of Moldova. The launching of the lanterns has been a great show as well.
—-The #Winelover Community in Romania is one of the most powerful and representative communities in Europe in terms of the number of participants, involvement and sponsorship for various charities. This year, 10% from T-shirts ordered will be donated to the Magic Camp organization.

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